Canurta Presents
The Healing Project

A collection of NFTs that leverage art & blockchain solutions to advance transparent healthcare and discovery.
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Why Now?

DeSci, or Decentralized Science, is the future of health discovery, allowing a diverse array of stakeholders to participate in clinical design, democratize product development and accelerate the build of a blockchain-enabled biotech organization.

The Healing Project will launch with a collection of five fractionalized NFTs, making up a total of 10,000 THP utility tokens on Ethereum blockchain.

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How it Works

Collaborator Communities With Canurta

Support hackathons and project sprints that will help equalize health care innovation across diverse communities.

Community Innovation Wallet

Help build blockchain based supply chains for rare botanical ingredients and their therapeutic discovery.

Continue to Build The Healing Project Story

Team Canurta have returned to earth transformed, with rare, powerful gifts from the giants. How will they save their fellow humans and animals?

New Product Perks & Experiences

Early access to the products you help develop, while we build a new, positive manifesto for community-driven health discovery.

Guide Charitable Donations

Vote on the annual cause-of-choice donation for 1% of revenue generated from the sale of products With Canurta.

Join the DeSci Movement

Connect with a diverse, courageous and open-minded community. Meet innovators, DeSci enthusiasts, researchers and creatives.

Everyone is welcome, because we all want to age happily and healthy. We value hard work and the ability to learn fast and try new things. So come help us discover what is possible.

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Our Mission

Accelerate fundraising and build of community-driven health systems

Provides a new, DeSci business model for research and development rooted in transparency and improved methodologies

Ground breaking opportunity to solve chronic inflammation and diseases with novel, safe polyphenols

Improved interactions between researchers, patient communities and analysis of research outcomes

Terms and Conditions