University of Guelph Researchers Join Canurta, Publish New Findings on Bibenzyl Synthesis

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March 1, 2022

Canurta Inc., the pioneering company behind patent-pending hemp technologies and formulations that are scientifically proven to target inflammation at the source, is pleased to announce the addition of University of Guelph researchers Dr. Kelly Boddington, Ph.D. and Dr. Eric Soubeyrand, Ph.D. to the team to scale up Canurta’s ability to biosynthetically produce rare hemp polyphenols.


Boddington and Soubeyrand, two Post Doctorate graduates, have world-class knowledge on the creation process of polyphenols from proprietary genomes, having worked in Dr. Tariq Ahktar’s lab for the last 5 years. They, along with Dr. Akhtar and Canurta’s Quality Assurance Manager Cameron Parry, recently published a paper titled, “Bibenzyl synthesis in Cannabis sativa Linnaeus” which identifies and supports the valuable contribution of bibenzyls (a class of hemp polyphenols) to the growing ‘parts prospecting’ inventory that supports the rational metabolic engineering of natural product therapeutics.


“There is a lot of conversation around the opioid crisis and what can be done to combat that, and having a potentially safer option on the market aside from NSAIDs and opioids would go a long way in that direction. Dr. Akhtar’s lab and his connections with various industry partners can take the work that we do in the lab and make something out of it that can directly benefit the public,” said Boddington.


Dr. Akhtar, principal investigator for the team, focuses on the R&D of natural products that are of medicinal, industrial or pharmacological relevance of specialized metabolites. His team developed a technology that can target hemp polyphenols, Canurta’s molecules of interest. Canurta acquired the patent in 2021 to explore commercialization.


Akeem Gardener, CEO of Canurta, has said, “Bringing on Kelly and Eric has been tremendously valuable to our team and our understanding of these rare molecules. We are committed to scaling up our various production platforms for cannflavins and molecules alike and I couldn’t be more excited to continue to work with Kelly and Eric from here on out – especially on our biosynthesis technology.”


“We chose to focus on polyphenols known as bibenzyls because they and their downstream derivatives have already shown anticancer, diabetic and/or inflammatory activities in in vitro assays. But the low concentrations at which they are found in the plant make taking them to the next phase of research very logistically difficult, which is where biosynthesis can really help.” Boddington adds.


About Canurta


Canurta Inc. designs all-natural and innovative ingredients from hemp polyphenols to successfully support prevention and recovery from inflammation. Our mission is to solve the world’s biggest health challenge: preventing and managing chronic disease safely. We target inflammation because it is the root cause of disease. And we build natural solutions backed by science to rival synthetic anti-inflammatory ingredients that aren’t safe for daily or long-term support.


The hemp plant contains over 400 bioactive compounds, including unique polyphenols that only Canurta can identify, optimize and capture. While different polyphenols are found across the plant world, hemp polyphenols are valuable due to their ability to eliminate inflammation at the source through dual inhibition of pro-inflammatory pathways.


About University of Guelph


The University of Guelph is one of Canada’s top comprehensive and research-intensive universities. Recognized as Canada’s food university and known for excellence and innovation across the physical and life sciences, business, arts, social sciences, and agricultural and veterinary sciences, the University of Guelph is committed to improving life. 


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