Canurta Launches ‘The Healing Project’ NFT to Support Decentralized Research & Innovation of Novel Polyphenols

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April 21, 2022

Canurta Inc., the pioneering company behind patent-pending technologies and formulations that fight inflammation at the source, presents ‘The Healing Project’, a collection of Utility NFTs that leverage IP and blockchain technology to advance the development of safe and natural solutions for chronic disease.

“By pairing NFTs and health research, there is an exciting opportunity to explore natural solutions for chronic disease in an open, transparent way where anyone can contribute due to the power of blockchain and NFTs. We at Canurta are proud to bring such a project to the NFT world and we are banking on our utility and overall web3 strategy being one of the most impactful projects over the decades to come ,” said Akeem Gardner, Founder and CEO of Canurta.

DeSci, or Decentralized Science, is the future of health discovery, allowing a diverse array of stakeholders to participate in clinical design, democratize product development and accelerate the build of a blockchain-enabled biotech organization. 

In collaboration with emerging local artists, The Healing Project will contain five fractionalized NFTs making up a total of 10,000 Healing Project (THP) tokens. Each fraction will act as both an access and membership token, allowing token holders access to the THP Token-Gated Discord where community members will work with Canurta stakeholders on various projects and activities backed by real world science and IP that aim to “Heal the World”. 

Canurta plans on accomplishing this by leveraging the power of community and NFTs. By doing so they will aim to generate open and transparent research on a novel class of molecules; inspire a diverse group of stakeholders, including women, minorities and more to engage in science and storytelling in a unique way, and develop solutions that have the potential to solve chronic disease through a series of open-source clinical trials. 

The Healing Project incentivizes collective action by facilitating annual-donation opportunities that fund and guide charitable donations made by The Healing Project Community. The Healing Project community collectively votes on the annual cause-of-choice donation generated from the sale of “with Canurta” products.

The use of blockchain technology to host the project will permit transparent monitoring of outcomes, thereby serving as a measure and immutable record of The Healing Project community’s contributions.

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About Canurta

Canurta designs all-natural and innovative cannflavin-rich ingredients from hemp polyphenols to successfully support prevention and recovery from inflammation. 

Our mission is to solve the world’s biggest health challenge: preventing and managing chronic disease safely. We target inflammation because it is the root cause of disease. And we build natural solutions backed by science to rival synthetic anti-inflammatory ingredients that aren’t safe for daily or long-term support.

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