Here Are Some Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why haven’t hemp polyphenols been developed into natural health products before?

    The pharmaceutical industry usually thinks in terms of singular compounds, which is a barrier to development. We, on the other hand, think in terms of botanicals. These are plant based medicines that are safe yet effective due to the synergistic effects of combined compounds.

    Another problem that other companies have faced is that hemp polyphenols are normally produced in small concentrations, which hinders interest. Canurta’s proprietary extraction technology solves the challenge of capturing these rare hemp polyphenols in an efficient, cost-effective way.

  • Why does Canurta have an advantage?

    Canurta is making a massive and disruptive impact. Our protectible IP and defensible technology gives us a first-mover advantage, and we’re well-positioned to own this global category as the single source of these natural molecules for years to come.